Hospitality Sentiment

Want to Know What Your Guests Are Saying in Social Media?

About Each Part of Their Experience?

In Multiple Languages?

You Need Actionable Sentiment from Sentiment@WorkTM

Are you paying attention to all the important messages from your guests? Realtime information from them is critical to success in today’s highly-competitive hospitality market. From continuous experience improvement to reputation management and even crisis detection,   the crucial intelligence you need is out there.


Now hospitality managers can harvest and analyze that intelligence from social media, comment forms, travel and review Web sites, email, chat, texts, news media and other Big Data in 15 native languages, down to the clause level, for the first time. 


This breakthrough is called Sentiment@Work™.  It’s easy and fast to implement, plus surprisingly affordable. And all from LinguaSys, a proven solutions provider to the industry.


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For Example:

Monitor Thousands of Tweets in Multiple Languages

Track the Variables You Consider Most Important

Easy to use and integrate: Larger customers can integrate the technology within their firewalls, tailoring the highly-customizable solution with specific vocabularies and other applications. For small and medium companies and properties that want to compete in the global marketplace, Sentiment@WorkTM is available through self-service at Amazon’s AWS Marketplace, a flexible and cost-effective option.

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 [Need a solution to handle Chinese guest names for loyalty programs or regulatory compliance? We’ve got that too. Just ask Carla.]

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